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Trails, pedestrian paths, and greenways offer an option for individuals and families to exercise together and are a large economic incentive that can be the deciding factor for attracting new employers and employees. Our pedestrian facilities match the required width depending on the density of activity which can vary from a 4 foot sidewalk to 10 foot stream-side path to a 20 foot roadside promenade through the heart of a central business district. To encourage active trail use, our design professionals supplement the path with a tree canopy, pedestrian-scale lighting, safe crossings, wayfinding and historical signage, trail parking and gateway design, connectivity to parks and businesses, shelters/restrooms/maintenance facilities, and education programming.


Flint Hills Nature Trail
Osawatomie to Herington, Kansas

The Flint Hills Trail (FHT) is considered the crown jewel of Kansas trails, extending 118 miles from Osawatomie to Herington. It is the eighth-longest rail-trail in the United States and the longest trail in Kansas. FHT became a Kansas State Park in 2018 and is a designated National Recreational Trail. Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) is developing the trail as a high-caliber rural trail, open to all populations for active transportation, economic development, and healthy recreation. 

Development of the FHT provides safer transportation routes for bicyclists, equestrians, and pedestrians, as well as encourages outdoor recreation in Kansas. When fully completed, the trail will connect six counties and transect several cities, including Herington, Council Grove, Osage City, Ottawa, and Osawatomie. Cities and counties see the trail as an integral part of their Bike/Ped Master Plans. The Trail is the spine of at least 157 miles of trail connectivity now open. Upon completion of the FHT and the Landon Trail there will be at least 242 miles of direct connectivity.

Part of the trail aligns on the Santa Fe National Historic Trail. KDWP is partnered with the National Park Service (NPS) to create 31 miles of Santa Fe Trail retracement trail on the FHT. The FHT is also part of the American Discovery Trail for 98 miles from Herington to Ottawa.

Development of the trail will encourage outdoor recreation and provide safer routes for pedestrians, bicyclists and equestrians.  Several segments of the trail are unimproved or closed, but long range plans call for improvements along the entire length.

All phases of this project included trail surfacing, bridge construction, railing, drainage, signing, road crossing, and trailheads as part of the improvements.


Federal Highway Administration

April 2022


Environmental Excellence Award for Nonmotorized and Multimodal Transportation

Briarcliff Trail
Kansas City, Missouri

This section of the Briarcliff Greenway is very wooded meaning a conservation-forward approach was needed to successfully maintain existing natural features. What was initially envisioned as a traditional trail project transitioned to a series of paths and boardwalks that substantially reduced the impact on plants and animals. The MegaKC team was selected mostly on their technical approach to meet the City’s high programmatic needs. Disturbance along the trail corridor was restricted to a 15’ wide swath of land. By maintaining narrow construction limits, adjacent native plantings, trees, and wildflowers were preserved. As a major consideration during the design process, a vegetation survey determined which plants and areas needed to be preserved and allowed for community relocation of a percentage of native wildflowers. With only two points of access for construction, all construction materials had to be brought in from either end of the project including all of the concrete for the trail and lumber for the boardwalks. 


With steep downhill slopes, the concrete trail navigates along the hillside overlooking a streamway. Across the four major waterway crossings, elevated boardwalks were constructed. This is a unique strategy within the parks system which helped to preserve the surrounding greenspace. The wood boardwalks with composite decking were excellently crafted by MegaKC allowing neighborhood residents and visitors to experience the greenway through the canopy of adjacent trees. The finished product beautifully represents how parkland can be made accessible to all users,

MegaKC teamed with CFS Engineers for the Briarcliff Greenway Trail design-build project.  CFS was responsible for design of the trail, boardwalks, piers, and ADA trail crossing and provided construction inspection.


Rock Creek Trail Phase II
Gladstone, Missouri

This Trail Design Project was prepared for the City of Gladstone to fill in the gap between two segments of trail along a steep embankment. The trail was 10 ft wide with a maximum grade of 5% to satisfy ADA requirements. Due to the trail location on the side of a hill, the nearby stream remained unaffected although a 10 ft tall retaining wall was required. The intersection of NE 65th Terrace & N Prospect Avenue / MO Route 1 was provided with a pedestrian crossing which was incorporated into the preexisting emergency traffic signal. The plans utilized optimal ADA ramp designs according to the U.S. Access Board and included a new accessible pushbutton system with pedestrian signal heads. The construction plans were generated without the need for a survey while still efficiently minimizing utility relocations and accommodating for future improvements to traffic safety, access, and operations.

The construction plans covered trail design, stormwater improvements, curb replacement, ramp placement and design, accessible pushbutton pole and pedestrian signal head placement and design, pedestrian signal wiring, pavement marking, and necessary changes to utilities.

Additional Trail Projects

» Shunga Trail Extension | West of Fairlawn  Topeka, Kansas

CFS provided design of the Shunga Trail south of Shunga Creek and west of Fairlawn Road to I-470 east right-of-way. Construction inspection was included for the project.


» Deer Creek Multi-Purpose Trail  Topeka, Kansas

This was an extension of the Deer Creek Trail from 10th Street and Deer Creek Trafficway to Dornwood Park. CFS provided survey, planning, design, and construction administration for the approximate 9,000 foot extension. This section of trail included four pedestrian bridge designs, right-of-way documents, and KDOT oversight.

» Baldwin Creek Trail  Lawrence, Kansas

The original alignment and easements of the Baldwin Creek Trail included 4,000 feet of trail and 5 utility creek crossings. CFS reviewed the original easements and designed an alignment that would save the City money by reducing the number of creek crossings.

CFS worked with landowners to obtain the additional pedestrian easements. The final plan included 4,200 lf of recreational path and reduced the creek crossings from five to only one.

» Eudora Walking Trail  Eudora, Kansas

The City of Eudora retained CFS Engineers to design 2,300 feet of 10’ wide recreational path that included a 7’x4’ reinforced concrete box low water crossing within the Eudora Elementary School property and Prairie View Estates Subdivision. This design made a connection of pedestrian access possible between the Eudora Elementary School at 11th & Peach Streets, across the Eudora East Tributary, to the existing homes on the other side around 12th Street & Bluestem Drive.

APWA KC Metro Chapter

Large City Transportation

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Engineering Excellence Award 

Small Projects 2023

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