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Geotechnical Investigation

CFS provides subsurface exploration to evaluate soil, rock, and underground water. We analyze and interpret this information to provide the client with an appropriate design that accounts for unforeseen issues beneath the surface. CFS Geotechnical Engineers have the knowledge and experience to prepare geotechnical reports for various types of geotechnical analysis and design, including foundations, walls, structures, subsurface drainage, and pavement. We also conduct any necessary geophysical surveys utilizing seismic testing, resistivity testing, sonic testing, magnetic testing, ground penetrating radar, or thermography.


» Soil Borings

» Soil and foundation investigation

» Deep foundation design for piling, piers, and shoring

» Slope stability analysis

» Flexible and rigid pavement design

» Geotechnical and foundation engineering

» Soil, rock and materials laboratory testing

» Excavation and shoring

» Pavement evaluation and design

» Value engineering

» Cause of failure investigation

» Foundation settlement analysis

» Legal testimony

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