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Design / Build

CFS Engineers provides premium planning, design, and inspection for all aspects of highway projects. To achieve the best quality for a design project, our team plans and designs for horizontal and vertical alignments, topography constraints, clear zone grading and guardrail protection, traffic signals and roundabouts, signage, pavement markings, and access management. We expertly cover the variety of roadside details for highway projects including landscaping, stormwater flow, erosion control, lighting and fiber, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).


Grant Avenue Design / Build

Springfield, Missouri

This 3-mile streetscape project is the first design/build roadway project to be completed by the City of Springfield. The project includes $22 million of built infrastructure along a major north/south connector. The project starts at the southern terminus, Wonders Of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium, and heads north circling downtown Springfield along streets including Grant Avenue, Main Street, College Street and Campbell Avenue. This design/build project is the first of its kind in the country as the city has dedicated significant resources to "placemaking" elements throughout the 3-mile project. The project will transform the corridor from a three lane roadway to a two lane facility with a 10-foot multi use pathway and a five foot sidewalk. Additionally, the project includes the design and relocation of all overhead utilities into an underground duct bank system. Emphasis will be placed on active transportation with priority given to cyclists and pedestrians by including raised crossings at all side streets and intersections. The design also incorporates a roundabout that will improve traffic management of not only the through corridor traffic but also including that generated by Parkview High School, JFK Stadium and Fassnight Park. The corridor improvements will also include the installation of smart corridor technology with public wifi at multiple locations and mobility and travel time information provided for all modes of transportation. Construction will begin in the Spring of 2022 and be substantially completed by the 4th quarter of 2024.

CFS has partnered with Radmacher Brothers Excavating, Inc. within a design/build partnership to complete the project. CFS is leading all design components including surveying, roadway, pedestrian amenities, landscaping, etc.

Rogersville Project Freeway
US 60 Design Build

Rogersville, Missouri / MoDOT

The Design-Build project converted U.S. 60 into a freeway for a length of 4.15 miles between County Road 241 to the west and Peck Hollow Road to the east.  For local residents who were familiar with the at-grade highway intersections in the past, the new fully controlled access greatly improves safety for both U.S. 60 & Farm Road 253 in Greene County and U.S. 60 & Route B/VV in Webster County.  The goals of the project included safety improvements, three new interchanges, new intersection and highway ramp design, a freeway underpass in Green County, a freeway overpass in Webster County, a new outer road network on both sides of the freeway, drainage and lighting improvements, sound wall design, and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). This project included design and construction of 4 water quality basins (BMP’s) in the quadrants of the FR523 interchange as well as a small detention basin at Route B for the Logan-Rogersville Upper Middle School.

CFS Engineers responsibilities include roadway planning and design throughout the length of the project, design of ADA pedestrian crossings, sanitary sewer plans, stormwater pollution prevention, noise pollution analysis, big-block retaining walls, MOT, ITS design and engaging local Missouri State University students with an ongoing diversity outreach program.

2017 DBIA Mid-America Region Award of Merit - Civil Infrastructure

2017 DBIA National Award of Merit - Transportation

2017 DBIA National Award of Excellence in Transportation

2017 DBIA Chairman’s Award for Community Impact & Social Responsibility


Neighborhood Street Reconstruction
Edgerton, Kansas

The 2019 Street Reconstruction project was the City of Edgerton’s second design-build roadway improvement project. The first neighborhood selected was the Glendale Acres. The Glendale Acres subdivision was constructed in the early 1980’s and most of the asphalt pavement had outlived its useful life. Typical with many residential developments of that era, the design for the storm drainage system was optimized to minimize the number of curb inlets. As a result, the existing streets often pond water with the long-term damage leading to subsurface problems. The proposed pavement section is 8 inches of asphalt over 6 inches of aggregate base, allowing for improved subsurface drainage. In addition to complete pavement reconstruction, the enclosed storm sewer system was upgraded to provide adequate collection of surface flow. ADA compliant sidewalks and ramps were constructed along all streets. 


The project included the reconstruction of 28’ wide residential roadway with curb & gutters, stormwater inlets, stormwater pipes, street lighting, sidewalks, intersection ramps  and driveway entrances. The Project was a complete rebuild, which includes replacing the roadway from the subgrade to the top course of asphalt.


The design and construction of the project was fast-tracked with just six months from selection of the design-build team to completion. After the City selected the Miles team through a qualification-based selection process, the team provided the City a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) based on preliminary design plans. Miles broke ground on August 1st and met the end of year commitment to complete the project.


The design-build team collaborated with the City in communications with the impacted residents. A public meeting was held prior to beginning construction. As construction progressed along each street, the team provided more targeted communications and project detail to the adjacent residents. 

Wornall Road | 85th to 89th Street
Kansas City, Missouri

In one of the first projects completed as part of Kansas City’s  GO KC  program,  CFS teamed with Miles Excavating, Inc. to deliver roadway improvements to Wornall Road from 85th to 89th Street. This was a highly-anticipated project on one of the busiest corridors in Kansas City,   and was a great investment for the neighborhood, transforming the route into a “walkable corridor”.


This project was completed in July of 2019 and provides new pavement, sidewalk and curbs for a 2,800-foot segment of Wornall Road in Kansas City, Missouri. In addition to removing and replacing the failing roadway pavement, the project replaced all existing sidewalks  on  the  west  side of  the  street,  added  missing  segments  of  sidewalk,  and  a new sidewalk for the entire project length on the east side of the street. The project also reconstructed  all  sidewalk  ramps  to  ADA  standards,  and  reconstructed  driveways  and entrances to maintain an accessible ADA path throughout the project limits. Prior to letting the project, the City had analyzed the condition of the existing storm drainage system and identified a number of pipe segments for replacement. As part of the project the existing storm sewer system was evaluated for capacity by the design team and new inlets were added where gutter flows exceed allowable spread requirements. The project also included roadway lighting improvements, and fiber optic traffic signal interconnect.


Wornall Road carries more than 12,000 vehicles per day and also provides access to 30 single family homes, 3 churches, and two schools. Keeping the local population informed and maintaining access to properties was critical to the success of the project. This key project objective was achieved by the Miles/CFS team by providing an effective public involvement process and traffic control plan for through traffic, implementing a construction sequence from pavement demolition through installation. This construction phasing allowed access for residents to their houses to the greatest extent possible.

CFS’ responsibilities include design for roadway reconstruction, driveway replacements to include accessible path,  sidewalk and ADA ramps,  storm drainage improvements, waterline replacement, and traffic signal interconnect.

Intersection Improvements FY22 Citywide Vision Zero
Kansas City, Missouri

For fiscal year 2022, Kansas City’s inaugural Citywide Vision Zero program covered seven key intersections that had excess expected pedestrian crash frequency. This design-build project focused on installation of pedestrian improvements including signal upgrades, sidewalk ramp reconfiguration, traffic calming, and curb bumpouts. These pedestrian-level enhancements were focused on mitigating observed pedestrian-vehicle conflicts and addressing egress movement between transit riders and nearby intersection crossings. The improvements were coordinated with KCATA, Parks & Recreation, MoDOT, and adjacent property owners at each intersection corner.


Working within the project budget, MegaKC (Contractor) and CFS Engineers (Consultant) combined resources to bring out the greatest potential for each of the locations. Site observations helped orient the applicability of an initial brainstorm of treatments for enhancing transit stops, addressing the need for perpendicular aligned crossings, and replacement of walking surfaces. Using ADA compliant ramps, pedestrians with blindness and low vision are able to discern the direction of each crossing and the crossing markings were re-striped to provide higher-visibility for all users. Constraints of the project included working within applicable design standards adopted by the City, removing/restoring hardscaped surfaces to match the surrounding aesthetics, maintaining traffic flow, and traffic signal push button upgrades.


Honorable Mention

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