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Design Build

One of the most efficient and cost-effective strategies of construction is the Design-Build concept where the timeline of the project overlaps design and construction. This concept allows for more owner participation, single-source responsibility, better communication, schedule control early in the process, fast-tracking, and improved cost management of the project.  It unifies the responsibility for the project in one source, the Design-Build team, reducing the chance of any surprise issues or miscommunication during construction. 

Neighborhood Street Reconstruction Projects
Edgerton, Kansas

CFS and Miles Excavating Inc., provided street reconstruction improvements for  approximately 4,300 feet of roadway. The project completed in 2019 included the construction of new 28’ wide residential roadway with curb & gutters, stormwater inlets, stormwater pipes, street lighting, sidewalks, intersection ramps  and driveway entrances. CFS and Miles Excavating Inc., worked closely with the City of Edgerton to rebuild three segments of its residential streets improving the local transportation infrastructure while minimizing disruption and access during construction. The Project was a complete rebuild, which includes replacing the roadway from the subgrade to the top course of asphalt.

US 60 / Rogersville Freeway Rogersville, Missouri

This award winning Design-Build project converted U.S. 60 into a freeway for a length of 4.15 miles between County Road 241 to the west and Peck Hollow Road to the east. The goals of the project included safety improvements, new intersection and highway interchange designs, a freeway underpass in Green County, a freeway overpass in Webster County, drainage and lighting improvements, sound wall design, and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). 

Wornall Road | Kansas City, Missouri

The Wornall Road Design Build Project was completed in 2019 and included new pavement, sidewalk and curbs for a 2,800-foot segment of roadway. In addition to removing and replacing the failing roadway pavement, the project replaced all existing sidewalks on the west side of the street, added missing segments of sidewalk, and a new sidewalk for the entire project length on the east side of the street. The project also reconstructed all sidewalk ramps to ADA standards, and reconstructed driveways and entrances to maintain an accessible ADA path throughout the project limits. Prior to letting the project, the City had analyzed the condition of the existing storm drainage system and identified a number of pipe segments for replacement. As part of the project the existing storm sewer system was evaluated for capacity by the design team and new inlets were added where gutter flows exceed allowable spread requirements.