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CFS Engineers utilizes the most current technology and qualified staff to collect and manage topographic and boundary data. Licensed land surveyors prepare all legal descriptions, including easements, rights-of-way, and exhibits. CFS survey crews provide staking services for hundreds of different projects including grading, bridges, roads, utilities, sites, and buildings. We work with the contractor to provide clear, accurate direction for construction.

CFS’s survey staff are comprised of professional surveyors and experienced field crew personnel, ready to service your next project with state-of-the art equipment and results. Our professional land surveyors utilize the latest technology in survey equipment to supply various types of surveys for our in-house design projects as well as for clients requiring those services independently. 

CFS utilizes their certified remote pilot for the Small Unmanned Aircraft license to support design teams with aerial photography/videography. This allows us to quickly gather data. In addition, we can fly a matrix and incorporate aerial photos to create a local digital terrain model.


» Topographic Surveys
» Boundary Surveys
» Engineering Design Surveys
» ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
» Construction Staking
» Aerial Photography Support Services – Ground » Control
» Right-of-way Surveying Services
» As-Built/Quality Assurance Surveying

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