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Special Inspections

CFS is committed to providing top quality special inspection services to ensure that your project meets all plans and specifications. Our special inspectors are highly trained and experienced, and are available for periodic or full-time continuous observation of work. We work as a part of your on-site team to monitor compliance throughout all phases of construction.

Our inspectors are dedicated to verifying substantial conformance of plans and specifications, ensuring that your project is constructed to the highest standards. We are committed to providing accurate and timely reporting, and work closely with your team to identify any issues and develop effective solutions.

We also perform in-house laboratory testing in support of field testing, including Proctor, gradation, specific gravity, moisture content, organic content, pH value, shrinkage and crumb dispersion, and making and breaking of concrete test cylinders.


» Reinforced Concrete

» Reinforcing Steel

» Soils and Foundations

» Earth Retaining Structures

» Shallow Bearing Foundations

» Drilled Piers Auger Cast and H-piles

» Masonry Construction

» Wood Framing Construction

» Fireproofing / Firestopping

» Floor Flatness / Levelness

» RH and Moisture Emission Testing

» Structural Steel

» Asphalt Placement - On Site Compaction

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