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Our staff of certified inspectors manage construction administration duties with attentive dedication to details to ensure contractors comply with design documents. Construction inspectors at CFS are experienced in every type of roadway, bridge, sidewalk, and building construction and provide insightful value for our clients. Our bridge inspectors provide reports and ratings to identify emergency repairs / retrofits to help ensure the long-term investment into bridges and other structures. Our earthen detention dam inspectors offer valuable insight for auxiliary and principal spillway installation or repair, upstream and downstream embankment regrading, abutment and top of dam reshaping, stilling basin rehabilitation, pipe lining, drain diaphragm installation, and riser reconstruction. We offer a number of specialty inspections to support our clients through the construction process.


  • Highways and Roadways

  • Bridges

  • Dams

  • Wastewater Sewers

  • Specialty Inspections:

    • Shallow bearing foundations

    • Drilled piers

    • Auger cast and H-piles

    • Reinforcing steel

    • Masonry construction

    • Wood framing construction

    • Fireproofing

    • Firestopping

    • Floor flatness/levelness

    • RH and moisture emission testing

    • Structural steel

    • Environmental Site Assessments Phase 1 & Phase 2

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