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The demand for active transportation facilities to connect between public assets is on the rise in local communities. Our common sense approach provides value-framed decisions for safer pedestrian crossings, traffic calming, and a more attractive street network. Based on public feedback and our toolkit of beneficial alternatives, community projects reach their goals of reducing travel delay and emissions while connecting community areas using recreational trails, shared-use paths, bike boulevards, and scalable multi-modal infrastructure.


Maplewoods Parkway

Kansas City, Missouri

The Maplewoods Parkway Project was constructed by the City of Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation Department and extends approximately 1.8 miles from NE 96th Street Northward past Staley Farms and the new Staley High School to Shoal Creek Parkway. The project will extend north to North Cookingham Road, completing a vital north-south link in this rapidly developing part of the City. CFS completed the design of the roadway improvement project which will transform the route from a narrow, hilly two lane road to a rolling parkway with variable width medians, roundabouts intersections, bike lanes, trails and a diversity of landscaping. 


This project incorporates BMP practices by grading the wide landscaped medians to create rain gardens to clean and reduce stormwater runoff.  The design included sections of reverse crown pavement which direct runoff into the median rain gardens. This project also included energy dissipation to lower outlet velocities from the storm sewer system.

CFS responsibilities included concept development, preliminary design, public involvement and engagement,  project coordination, right-of-way plans and right of way acquisition assistance, transportation system criteria, environmental permitting services, storm drainage/sewer plans, water main plans, sanitary sewer specialty plans, final cross sections and public involvement.

Kasold Drive

Bob Billings Pkwy to 6th Street

Lawrence, Kansas

The Kasold Drive Improvements Project includes the complete reconstruction of a mile long stretch of a major arterial street surrounded by established residential and commercial areas. The proposed design includes a new median concrete street, recreational path, signals, a new stormwater collection and conveyance system and the replacement of a water transmission main, in addition to the relocation of various existing utilities. CFS worked with the City of Lawrence to provide a substantial public involvement program that included meetings, surveys and a project website.


The scope of the project includes the removal of existing pavement and design and construction of new pavement, driveways, aprons, side streets, sidewalks to ADA standards, adjacent recreational paths, storm sewer, waterline services, traffic signals, earthwork, signage, pavement markings, retaining wall, sanitary manholes, conduit, street lighting, fences, landscaping, and traffic control.

CFS was responsible for project management, traffic modeling and analysis, complete street design, utility coordination, extensive public involvement program, geotechnical exploration, geotechnical testing, survey, staking, bidding assistance and construction administration.

Grant Avenue Design / Build

Springfield, Missouri

This 3-mile streetscape project is the first design/build roadway project to be completed by the City of Springfield. The project includes $22 million of built infrastructure along a major north/south connector. The project starts at the southern terminus, Wonders Of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium, and heads north circling downtown Springfield along streets including Grant Avenue, Main Street, College Street and Campbell Avenue. This design/build project is the first of its kind in the country as the city has dedicated significant resources to "placemaking" elements throughout the 3-mile project. The project will transform the corridor from a three lane roadway to a two lane facility with a 10-foot multi use pathway and a five foot sidewalk. Additionally, the project includes the design and relocation of all overhead utilities into an underground duct bank system. Emphasis will be placed on active transportation with priority given to cyclists and pedestrians by including raised crossings at all side streets and intersections. The design also incorporates a roundabout that will improve traffic management of not only the through corridor traffic but also including that generated by Parkview High School, JFK Stadium and Fassnight Park. The corridor improvements will also include the installation of smart corridor technology with public wifi at multiple locations and mobility and travel time information provided for all modes of transportation. Construction will begin in the Spring of 2022 and be substantially completed by the 4th quarter of 2024.

CFS has partnered with Radmacher Brothers Excavating, Inc. within a design/build partnership to complete the project. CFS is leading all design components including surveying, roadway, pedestrian amenities, landscaping, etc.

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