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In 1961, we started out designing bridges in Topeka, Kansas. Today, CFS performs inspection, design and construction phase services for thousands of bridges throughout the Midwest. Whether it’s a complex design for a separated highway or a simple pedestrian bridge or stream crossing, CFS will determine and execute the most suitable design and construction approach. We utilize the latest in structural analysis and design tools in order to achieve the safest, most efficient bridge design. In addition, CFS has provided load rating and biennial inspection services for thousands of existing bridges. We perform structural inspections on over 800 bridges each year.


Main City Street Bridge Replacement

Cass County, Missouri

The bridge is located 2.0 miles south and 1.2 miles east of the intersection of Route O & Route W. The bridge is a 152.5 foot, three span Parabolic Haunch Slab Bridge with 1016 feet of 10” structural steel piles. With the project, CFS designed 2600 LF. road realignment. CFS provided design survey, hydrology, right-of-way and easement descriptions, road and bridge design, and construction inspection  for replacement of a bridge over Coldwater Creek for Cass County, Missouri.

Stokes Road Bridge | Vernon County, Missouri

The new Stokes Road Bridge replaced an existing low  water crossing at Little Dry Wood Creek located southwest of Nevada. The previous crossing was located in the center of an erratic stream alignment, as well as the Stokes Road roadway alignment which was constructed in a tight “S” curve configuration.  The previous roadway alignment at the creek precludes the use of a conventional span-type bridge structure that has the ability to handle the projected flood discharge.


CFS selected a new, straighter alignment that does in fact handle the discharge - yet lends itself to a 100’ simple one-span structure.  The entire roadway including the bridge is only 834’ long, thus providing Vernon County with an economical roadway/bridge solution.


This project consisted of the design of 830 feet of Stokes Road.  The previous low water crossing on Stokes Road was removed, and the roadway was realigned with a single span 99’-6” Pre-stressed Concrete I-Girder Bridge designed to cross traffic over Little Dry Wood Creek. 

Sloan Creek Superstructure Replacement 

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

CFS was responsible for the design, plans, cost estimates and job special provisions for the superstructure replacement of Big Bend Road over Sloan Creek. This bridge is located within 400 yards of the Mississippi River and is impacted by backwater flooding. We designed a steel superstructure to replace the existing prestressed concrete double-tee superstructure. By using steel, we were able to match the existing grade while minimizing the load put on the existing substructure. Included in this project was the design of repairs to a slope failure adjacent to the bridge.