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CFS provides planning and design services to restore and develop open spaces including parks, trails and trailheads, recreation facilities, wetlands, and environmentally sensitive areas. We help communities prepare master planning documents to move forward with a renewed vision for implementing improved park services, outdoor programming, and new facilities. As a recognized expert in park and athletic field design, CFS works with stakeholders, coaches and groundskeepers to design modern fields, courts, shelters, play areas, signage, furnishings, and equipment.  


TB Hanna Station
Raymore, Missouri

T.B. Hanna Station is a three-acre train-themed park that has transformed into one of Raymore’s greatest accomplishments.

The transformation of Raymore’s Original Town continues to follow the plans set forth in the Original Town Master Plan and T.B. Hanna Station’s transformation into a historical park fits perfectly.

Featuring the Variety KC Inclusive Playground and Inclusive Sprayground, T.B. Hanna Station is the first park in the United States with two universally accessible play spaces in the same location that are designed and built for people of all abilities. In addition, T.B. Hanna Station is the first park in the state to feature a sprayground specifically designed for people of all abilities. Providing access for individuals using wheelchair /mobility devices through the entire play space.

Both the playground and sprayground have ornamental fencing that wraps around the area of play. It is important for parents and caregivers to have a sense of protection during play. Specifically, “runners” are able to be kept safe which is an important aspect to all-inclusive design. Since the build out of the park, the project has been extremely successful as the residents continue to share enthusiasm for the park and all of its features and versatility throughout the year. The park allows residents to use the park in various capacities throughout the seasons.

CFS completed a master planning effort for the project and created construction documents for all of the park amenities including the sprayground, prefab restroom / concession / pump house facility, ice rink, renovated historic post office, all-inclusive playground, and trail system. CFS provided all site design services including infrastructure design and construction inspection.




2023 Honor Award

Big Bull Creek Park
Johnson County, Kansas

CFS Engineers was teamed with RDG Planning and Design and Applied Ecological Services to complete the Big Bull Creek Park Master Plan with a comprehensive vision and implementation strategy for the park. CFS was also on the design team to complete Phase One of the Master Plan including Sunflower Entry Park and the Group Campground.

The Master Plan provides a clear and comprehensive development strategy for a park which will strengthen the legacy of high-quality recreation opportunities in Johnson County. The newly proposed 1,933 acre park located between Gardner and Edgerton, Kansas offers recreation amenities that are unmatched in the Kansas City Metropolitan area including new equestrian trails, nature playgrounds, glamping and many new amenities at the new Big Bull Creek Park. This strategic plan sets the development goals for this exciting park for the next ten-to-twenty years, though the vision and mission discussed in this master plan should set the tone for all development in the park’s future.

CFS provided planning, concept plans, budgetary estimates, and participated in public meetings for the master planning effort. Our team also provided survey, design and inspection services for the Sunflower Entry Park and the Group Campground and geotechnical services for the Sunflower Entry Park, Group Campground and Park Maintenance Facility.

Erfurt Park
Shawnee, Kansas

Erfurt Park is a recreational complex which includes soccer fields, walking trails and a pond located at 71st  Street & Gleason Road on the west side of Shawnee, Kansas. The 20 acre park incorporated European style gardens to emulate the gardens of the City of Erfurt, Germany (Shawnee’s sister-city).  The facility included picnic shelters and restrooms with water and indoor plumbing. Playground areas and scenic garden vistas abound in the park, along with environmentally sensitive Best Management Practices (BMP) features for treating stormwater pollutants from the proposed parking areas. The pond serves dual purposes as a scenic water feature along with providing regional stormwater detention for the park and contributing watersheds.

CFS Engineers, in a joint design effort with RDG Planning and Design, designed the stormwater drainage system for the park which included a recreational pond that provides both flood control and BMP water quality treatment, the park’s utility service lines for the shelter building and restrooms. BMP treatment including the extended retention basin, areas of native vegetation both preserved and established across large portions of the site, and the protection of federally designated wetlands areas present on the property. CFS Engineers also provided a geotechnical report for the site which included soil boring logs, pavement design recommendations, and foundation and footing recommendations. Construction administration and testing services were also provided by CFS.

Lake Shore Park
Kimberling City, Missouri

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan completed by CFS in 2019 identified the first City owned park -  Lake Shore Drive Park. Based on the concept developed during the master planning process, CFS worked with the City to craft construction documents for this important neighborhood park nestled within walking distance of many houses and apartments. The site was originally considered for residential development, but its steep slope and creek behind left the property undeveloped. The park opened in 2020 and includes a Kaboom grant funded play structure, off street parking, and speed deterrent improvements along Lakeshore Drive. A large modular block wall was constructed to provide ADA access, as well as save the few large shade trees on the property.

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