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CFS specializes in innovative ways to transition on-site challenges with topography, geological features, subsurface groundwater, floodplains, and ecosystems into opportunities to highlight the character of a location. Based on the zoning and programming requirements, we work with design teams to determine a structure’s size, location, stormwater management requirements, lighting, signage, trip generation impact, pedestrian amenities and vehicle circulation. CFS maintains relationships with local municipalities and regulatory agencies in hundreds of communities throughout the Midwest in order to successfully navigate the detailed and often delicate planning and zoning process. We often assist in applications to change platting and zoning for a site, and our land surveyors provide legal exhibits for changes to property dimensions and lot divisions. We have helped our clients with the development of industrial parks, sports complexes, entertainment districts, multi-use, residential and retail centers.


Wheatfield Village
Topeka, Kansas

CFS Engineers worked with local developers and community groups to re-imagine and create a new upscale mixed-use neighborhood, The first of its kind in Topeka sitting on 14 acres, it integrates retail, eating, a movie theater, and a farmer’s market pavilion/event space in a classic street setting with a connection to the Shunga Trail. 


Public Improvement plans included the improvements at the 29th & Fairlawn intersection and the project had to maximize every square foot in order to provide enough parking and traffic flow due to the constrained area and location of the highway. The upgrades included dedicated dual turning movements and improved pedestrian facilities. The traditional streetscapes and building forms create a strong and pleasant pedestrian experience.

Advisors Excel - Gage Center Campus
Topeka, Kansas

CFS Engineers partnered with Schwerdt Design Group for the Advisors Excel expansion project. The expansion project at the Gage Center campus has expanded the office space while providing an employee cafe, a production studio, and indoor and outdoor gathering spaces for employees. CFS Engineers' contribution to the project includes survey and design services for the cafe, production studio, and parking lot improvements.

Noller Truck Center
Topeka, Kansas

CFS Engineers provided surveying, platting, and design services for Topeka, Kansas's new state-of-the-art truck center. The new service center boasts 24 highly functional work areas specifically designed for medium-duty commercial trucks, buses, and motor homes. Six stalls are also available for maintenance work on lighter trucks and cars.

Cass County Justice Center Parking Lot
Harrisonville, Missouri

The Cass County Justice Center sits on approximately 20 acres in Harrisonville, Missouri. It houses County Courts, Clerks, Juvenile Offices, Public Administration, and the Sheriff's Office. The County has hired CFS to provide professional services and design for improvements to the parking lot at the Justice Center. The upgrades include reviewing parking capacity and traffic flow through the facility. CFS has provided a detailed layout of the parking spaces to maximize available paved areas. CFS has also recommended traffic control, including permanent signage and pavement marking, to alleviate congestion during high-volume traffic. The County directed CFS to analyze the drainage from roof drains that are currently causing damage to the foundation. CFS has routed the roof drains through a system that will connect to the existing storm drainage structures in the parking lot. Our team completed the pavement analysis and recommendations by taking pavement cores and evaluating them by our geotechnical group. The County and CFS inspected the entire site to identify curbs, gutters, sidewalks, concrete pavement, and structures that needed replacement. The County desired that all parking, walkways, and entrances be accessible per ADA guidelines.

Branson Chamber of Commerce & CVB Headquarter
Overland Park, Kansas

In an effort to meet the current and future needs of member partners, visitors and staff, the Branson Chamber of Commerce and CVB constructed their new headquarters along Gretna Road. The multi-story facility is located to take advantage of the sloping property and existing stormwater facilities. The project consisted of a two-story building and the associated utilities, parking facility, and landscaping. While stormwater detention is provided regionally, the landscaping elements were designed to incorporate best management practices (BMPs) to also provide water quality measures. 


CFS Engineers responsibilities included design of all site improvements in accordance with the design standards of the City of Branson. CFS completed Parking Lot & Utility Design, Landscaping and BMP Design, Erosion and Sediment Control Plan, and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). 


Project Highlights Include: 

  • 2-story, 18,000 sf Building

  • Parking for 150 passenger vehicles and 2 motor coaches

  • Landscaping and Stormwater management