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Celebrating 60 Years

May 24, 2021

Starting with the Kansas turnpike as the first major project for the firm, CFS Engineers is celebrating 60 years in civil engineering. The firm has eight locations throughout Missouri and Kansas.

Since its inception, the focus of the firm has been on finding solutions and creating community.
“Our original founder came up on a dairy farm and brought those farm values with him,” said Kenny Blair, P.E., president of CFS Engineers.

“We bring those Midwestern values of honesty, hard work, practical solutions and a sense of community to everything we do at CFS Engineers,” said Blair. “In our modern world, sometimes that idea of a practical solution gets lost in the clutter.” Even though the firm has grown to over 100 people, Blair says that sense of community has not been lost. “We always try to maintain that sense of community and family.”

“One of the reasons I picked this firm was the family culture,” said Sabin Yanez, P.E., senior vice president. Yanez also said that culture translates into employee longevity and low turnover. “I think that has to do with the culture that was created by the founders and has been carried on by everyone in the firm. I think employees appreciate that.”

CFS Engineers is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company, which Blair said contributes to the sense of community and family that permeates the firm’s culture.

When it comes to the practical solutions side of the firm, Blair stressed that it’s key that designers for CFS spend time in the field. In fact, he said nearly half of the firm’s employees are almost exclusively in the field on job sites. “There’s a lot to be done and to learn in the field.”

Yanez continued, “We give our employees a lot of freedom. We look for self-starters who have initiative but who aren’t afraid to ask questions and learn new things.” With the breadth of scope of the projects CFS Engineering takes on, it could be that every day an employee is working on a different aspect of civil engineering. “One day you could be working on a water line and the next day you’re working on a roadway.”

That mission to create and foster community stretches outside the confines of the firm and into the community at large. Recently CFS Engineers collaborated with Missouri State University to create a two-year education program for women who are interested in STEM with the goal of encouraging them to pursue careers in science and engineering.

Over the last few years, CFS Engineers has continued to expand operations to better serve local clients. Most recent expansion includes the opening of the North Topeka geotechnical and construction testing facility and expansion inspection. As their motto states, “One Vision. One Team. One Call.” This means CFS Engineers support their clients with all needed site development expertise from site analysis and planning, through design to construction services.

CFS Engineers covers the spectrum of civil engineering offerings including:
• site development
• water resources
• transportation
• structure development
• construction materials testing and inspections
• geotechnical investigation and surveying

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