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2021 Promotions Mike Morrissey

June 8, 2021

Michael Morrissey graduated from the University of Kansas in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and has since been a practicing Civil Engineer in Topeka, Kansas. Since joining CFS in 2012, Michael has managed many municipal projects for the City of Topeka and has been a design team leader for several developer projects. His energy and enthusiasm carries through in understanding his clients’ goals and balancing them with their budgets. Michael demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities which in return has helped gain the respect of the communities he serves. His focus on open communication and professionalism has earned his clients trust and confidence in his design solutions. With over 23 years of experience in the engineering industry, Mike is a leader in CFS Municipal Services Department bringing a wealth of knowledge in roadway design, signal design, storm sewer design, hydrology, and stormwater Best Management Practices to various infrastructure challenges. As Senior Associate, Michael will continue to strive to both maintain and grow CFS’ reputation for quality solutions.

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