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Infrastructure Funding Comprehensive Services 

Moving projects from a vision to reality takes a strategically planned critical path. The critical path needs to outline strategies for accomplishing near-term goals step-by-step and pairing a project with matching revenue opportunities. To obtain funding to build new projects and generate continuous revenue for maintenance of infrastructure projects, our professionals consider what makes the most sense as a revenue resource for a project. For public projects, that resource could be a Green Infrastructure Federal Funding Opportunity, Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) Community Improvement District (CID), Transportation Development District (TDD), Tax Increment Financing, Capital Improvement Sales Tax, a loan through the Missouri Transportation Finance Corporation (MTFC), a loan through the federal transportation infrastructure program, State Funding, General Obligation Bonds, State Revolving Funds (SRF), BUILD Grants, or Federal Highway Administration grants including Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ), Surface Transportation Program (STP), or the Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside. CFS helps steer negotiations for a roadway improvement project where a State Route is transitioned into a community-owned facility. For private projects, that resource could be Public-Private-Partnerships, Private Funding with Tax Reimbursement, Tax Abatement, Privatization, Benefit Districts, Economic Development Funding, American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA),   or many other options. CFS professionals then help establish or apply for these programs to ensure new projects will outpace the competition in the selection process.  


One of the most efficient and cost-effective strategies of construction is the Design-Build concept where the timeline of the project overlaps construction and design. This concept allows for more owner participation, single-source responsibility, better communication, value engineering, fast-tracking, and improved cost management of the project. The Design-Build concept offers both price control and schedule control early in the process. It unifies the responsibility for the project in one source, the Design-Build team, reducing the chance of any surprise issues or miscommunication during construction. CFS Engineers has been successfully completing Design-Build projects for several years including recent projects in Rogersville, Missouri and Kansas City, Missouri.


With extensive knowledge of the local construction industry, CFS provides the most accurate and real-time construction cost estimates. Throughout the entire project process, we constantly attempt to remove the potential for unknown factors that would tend to raise contractor’s bids. Each of our projects goes through a review for constructibility and value engineering. This practice has proven invaluable on many past projects by ensuring that CFS designs are constructible, cost efficient and prove to be the highest value solution to the challenge at hand.


  • Strategically Planned Critical Path

  • Jurisdictional Coordination

  • Cost Estimation

  • Implementation Plans

  • Fast-Tracking Project to Meet Funding Deadlines

  • Funding Options

  • Revenue Stream Evaluation

  • Grant Applications

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