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CFS provides design and management for sanitary sewer projects for county, municipal, and private clients with expertise in interceptor sewers, gravity mains, force mains, Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study (SSES), I&I removal, pump station design, and stream and aerial crossings. From a building to a treatment plant, CFS is committed to providing cost-effective design solutions for new and rehabilitated sanitary sewers and pump stations. We work with our clients to protect natural resources from hazardous waste, eliminate higher treatment costs, and meet regulations for pipelines, lateral lines, and manholes. We provide long-term solutions that meet current and expected future environmental requirements. By maintaining good working relationships with regulatory agencies, we work to receive timely approvals and therefore timely projects.


Pine Street Sanitary Sewer Line 

Wellsville, Kansas

The VCP line was badly deteriorated with multiple fractures, partial collapses, and significant sags which resulted in stagnant sewage and smell complaints. Located at a depth ranging from 10 to 15 feet, CFS had to work around many existing features including existing accessory structures, trees, and fences. CFS completed planning, survey, and design for 620-foot of 8-inch sanitary sewer replacement and 660-feet of rehabilitation using interior lining. CFS’ scope included acquisition of easements, removal and replacement of pavements and sidewalks, relocation of utilities, grading, erosion control, traffic control, and signage. 

Longview Road Sanitary Sewer Line 

Kansas City, Missouri

CFS provided survey and design for two roadway widening projects on Longview Road for Jackson County and the City of Kansas City, Missouri. The two projects encompassed widening and reconstruction of Longview from a two lane rural-type roadway to a three-lane and four-lane urban roadway. This nearly two-mile long project included many miles of sanitary sewer replacement.

Evergreen Parkway Roadway, Water and Sewer Improvements | Lebanon, Missouri

This project consisted of 220’ of Evergreen Parkway reconstruction, 800’ of Slate Street construction, and a roundabout intersection at an existing curve in Evergreen Parkway. This project also included 1,810’ of 12” waterline and 1,940’ of 8” sanitary sewer line. Construction included clearing, grading, storm sewers, paving, street lighting, signing, and pavement marking. CFS provided engineering services including design of a roundabout, storm sewers, water lines and sanitary sewer. CFS designed a roundabout so that part of the existing roadway could be used as a right turn bypass to the roundabout. Doing this allowed us to lower construction costs to the customer. CFS worked with the City of Lebanon to coordinate the design with construction completed by the City of Lebanon to connect to a new school currently under construction in the area.

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