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CFS performs watershed delineation, hydrologic modeling, hydraulic modeling, floodplain mapping, and storm drain modeling. We utilize various methodologies, including HEC-1, HEC-RAS, HMS, TR-20, TR-55 and Rational. CFS analyzes open-channel drainage systems and existing natural streams for FEMA flood studies and regularly prepares and files documents of map revision.


Channel Realignment | Warsaw, Missouri

CFS analyzed the Town Branch Creek to determine why the existing concrete channel walls had collapsed, causing erosion and undermining of the adjacent properties. CFS worked with the City and the USACE to design an re-alignment of the existing channel to reduce the effects of scouring and turbulence that had been created by the tight radius of the channel and constriction from the existing channel walls.  The improvement included a gentler alignment of the channel with a large-block retaining wall system.  A natural channel floor was kept to allow for pooling and to benefit the natural habitat of the stream. CFS completed design plans on four separate projects totaling $4,200,000 in 6 weeks. 

Turkey Creek Flood Rise Analysis

Lenexa, Kansas

The Haren-Laughlin Construction Company proposed to place some available fill material on the overbank area on the western side of Turkey Creek, at the company's headquarters located at 8034 and 8035 Nieman Road in Lenexa, Kansas.Their desire was to expand their current operations with 9 new parking spaces using pervious concrete, a new patio, and building addition. Because of the close location to Turkey Creek, CFS completed a flood plain study and CLOMR application.

Leban Creek Riparian Restoration

Beloit, Kansas

With the stream bed damage caused by the scour hole downstream of the Highway K-14 bridge. KDOT acquired additional right-of-way to the southwest of the bridge and CFS designed stabilization and a riparian shelf to restore vegetation and protect the creek against future erosion and sedimentation.   Instructions included establishment of a base xeriscape native seed mix of 25% switchgrass, 25% western wheat, 25% sideoats grama, and 25% bluestem applied at 25lbs/acre and a biodegradable moisture/erosion net. Prairie Cordgrass, commonly found in marsh environments and forming dense colonies, will be plugged at 3-feet on center stabilizing the soil. In addition to ground cover plantings, native trees commonly found in low areas (cottonwood and willows) will be planted about 10 feet on center as small whips or seedlings.

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