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By planning welcoming places that increase mobility and access, we can forge lasting community partnerships with common values of neighborhood preservation and restoration while working diligently towards new options for addressing traffic congestion. CFS evaluates traffic conditions with regards to speed, level-of-service, crashes, and projected land use utilizing the latest in data gathering and modeling technology to provide safe and effective transportation solutions. Our Traffic Engineering Department offers design expertise for access management, safe routes to schools, traffic calming, traffic signals, roundabouts, ITS installation, traffic noise barriers, railroads crossings, ADA inspection and ADA access, and fiber connectivity.


116th & Ridgeview Traffic Impact Study

for Dial Senior Apartments | Olathe, Kansas

This project included a Traffic Impact Study for a 230,000 square foot senior apartment building located on a 14 acre site in Olathe, Kansas. The main building consisted of 146 apartments and was bordered by 28 smaller villas. The trip distribution was determined for three entrances and the potential developments to the south of the site. CFS performed traffic counts, a signal warrant, crash pattern analysis, created Synchro scenarios, and made recommendations to accommodate traffic.

Bonner Crossing Traffic Analysis &

Safety Report | Bonner Springs, Kansas

The Bonner Crossing development will include residential land uses (multi-family, senior living, and assisted care), commercial land uses (medical offices, hotels, restaurants, and retail), and the Velocity performing arts and entertainment development. This development created major trip volumes during event times that required this detailed traffic analysis to be completed. CFS analyzed the highway access, interchange safety, traffic control on the adjacent major highways including I-70, I-435, US-73/K-7, and US-24, deployment of ITS, and access management. A major population center trip routing pattern was developed so the effect of event trips on highway facilities could be analyzed for potential safety concerns.

Wheatfield Village Public Improvements | Topeka, Kansas

The project included public infrastructure improvements including intersection improvements at 29th & Fairlawn. Upgrades will include dedicated dual turning movements and improved pedestrian facilities.

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