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CFS performs roadway safety assessments in both urban and rural settings with regards to crash data interpretation, crash trends, roadway safety audits, speed surveys, traffic calming solutions, sight distance evaluations, and access management requirements. Through our process of taking inventory of safety concerns and evidence of roadside damage, a list of possible crash countermeasures can then be determined to reduce the number of crashes. Based on a benefit-cost ratio, system-wide and site-specific recommendations can be evaluated to fit within near-term and future projects.


Transportation Crash Analysis & Countermeasure Identification 

Douglas County, Kansas

The goal of the study was to compile a current geodatabase that identifies locations with high traffic crash records for Lawrence and Douglas County, Kansas. “Hot spot” locations were prioritized in regards to a set of defined location variables and recommendations were made for cost-efficient crash countermeasures for the locations. Twelve total road safety audits were performed with half in the urban setting and half in the rural setting. The outcome of this effort was a list of recommended projects with specific and implementable improvements to roadway segments and intersections with supplemental cost estimation for funding applications. A list of possible crash countermeasures was compiled for each safety audit site to reduce the number of crashes.

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