Whether it’s a complex cast-in-place standard box design or complicated precast system, CFS will determine and execute the most suitable design and construction approach. As labor cost continues to rise, so do cast-in-place reinforced concrete options. CFS has worked on many precast box culvert projects to cut costs and increase speed of delivery, reducing traffic delays and rerouting time. We utilize the latest in structural analysis design tools to work quickly through numerous geometries, loading conditions, river elevations, and utility coordinations to determine the most practical design based on the design forces present. 


Sheridan Drive Bridge Replacement | 

Fairway, Kansas

It was essential that the new structure be aesthetically pleasing and contain visual elements reminiscent of the existing masonry bridge carrying forward the arch element of the original structure.  The precast construction allowed for a durable, economical architectural enhancement of the headwalls and wingwalls. It also allowed for a formliner  to replicate the original masonry limestone texture. Having the elements precast reduced the timeline for construction, reduced labor costs, and was less impactful to the biology and natural slopes along Rock Creek. The shorter construction time reduced the inconvenience to neighbors and local users.

South Liberty Road Low Water Crossing |

Cole County, Missouri

Hydraulic analysis was completed for the waterway to determine the type and size of structure. The crossing was replaced with a triple box culvert. CFS redesigned a portion of the adjacent roadway to remove a curve in the roadway to improve sight distance.

“CFS Engineers completed P.S.&E on a project to replace a low water crossing with a bridge structure. They analyzed options and as a team we chose a triple cell box culvert. The project also included some roadway realignment. CFS Engineers was very good to work with. They were very professional throughout the whole project. The completed project came in well under budget.”


Eric Landwehn, County Engineer

Cole County Public Works

Clay County

“CFS recently worked with Clay County on the NE 128th Street BRO-B024(27) bridge replacement and several other projects. Work has always been high quality and completed on schedule.”


Terry Griffen

Clay County Missouri Highway Department Administrator