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Earthen detention dams are designed with the focus of safety and jurisdictional requirements. CFS works closely with both state and federal agencies to design and construct each detention dam based on their hazard classification and desired storage capacity. Numerous failures of poorly designed earth embankments make it apparent earth dams require as much engineering skill in their conception and construction as any other type of dam. CFS has experts designing principal spillway rehabilitation using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or high-density polyethylene (HPDE) and cast in place pipe (CIPP) liners, auxiliary spillway rehabilitation, slope protection, erosion control, compaction standards, and foundation or drawdown drains. We work with watershed districts, communities, and private landowners to design, inspect, and provide emergency action plans throughout Kansas and Missouri.


KCMO WSD Swope Campus - PHASE ONE | Kansas City, Missouri

The Swope Campus Parking Lot has become a model in the Midwest, demonstrating the effectiveness of Stormwater Best Management Practices for on-site stormwater management. Jim Schuessler, was the lead designer and project manager for the project from 2010 - 2015. The project includes four pervious parking bays, underground water storage cells to capture over 350,000 gallons of water, two bio-retention cells, one raingarden, one bioswale, grasscrete heavy equipment parking area, and parking lot islands featuring over 25,000 native plants. A new entry plaza was added to the site with a third type of permeable paver system and subdrainage system that makes the limited runoff visible as it daylights into the adjacent raingarden near the entry.

Longview Road Raingardens | Kansas city, Missouri

The existing roadway corridor had a history of issues such as localized erosion, siltation, trash and debris accumulation and water damages due to poorly controlled storm water runoff. The primary goal of the project was to reconstruct and widen Longview Road from a two-lane rural-type roadway to a three-lane and four-lane urban “Complete Street” between Hickman Mills Drive and Green Valley Road in South Kansas City. CFS was able to take advantage of available right-of-way to provide bioretention with a series of stepped rain garden/detention basins with select landscaping to enhance groundwater infiltration. These rain gardens were designed to provide BMP treatment for the 90th percentile rainfall, with additional capabilities to provide storm water detention that reduce regional stormwater runoff from the widened roadway. The rain garden/detention basins also dramatically reduced the amount of sediment and siltation that has typically flowed onto adjoining properties.

Fire Station #5 | Lenexa, Kansas

Teaming with WSKF, CFS Engineers provided site planning assistance, preliminary and final plan construction documents for the construction of a new 8,800 sqft fire station on 1.3 acres of land near 96th and Prairie Star Parkway. CFS provided surveying and design services for this 13 car pervious parking lot, access drives, and 1,100 LF of sanitary sewer extension. The stormwater system and BMP design includes an 60-inch underground cistern connected to the building roof and overflow into a native vegetated swale, pervious concrete parking for the firefighters parking lot, north raingarden, and extended west detention basin. The south driveway is designated as the truck washing area, and all runoff collects in a downhill curb inlet equipped with a catch basin insert filter to trap sand and sediments and grease and oils washed from the trucks.